Strategic Marketing to Aquire & Engage Customers

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Strategic Marketing


Strategic Marketing Services That Delivers Leverage

Today’s marketing landscape is more competitive than ever, requiring marketing leaders to execute marketing strategies that attract, convert, and retain more customers. Combining analytics with our goal-driven methodology, I will help you benchmark your current initiatives, establish clear and realistic objectives, and create a roadmap for your success.

Ann Rodgers Hampton & Partners understands the “customer journey,” we offer strategy, implementation, optimisation, and training across your multi-channel marketing activity to increase visibility, traffic, and conversion — maximising your marketing return on investment.

Marketing That Works

Acquiring new and re-engaging existing customers is the great challenge for all businesses. Utilising my bespoke ‘Customer Educate & Engagement’ approach is geared around moving an identified audience target through a clear relationship model from an anonymous user to the converted customer to engaged fan – exploiting both new and traditional marketing techniques.

Ann Rodgers Hampton & Partners deliver leading digital and integrated campaigns, executed both nationally in the UK and across European – in both B2C and B2B sectors. A key to delivering success always centres around having solid audience understanding, a clear campaign proposition, a powerful idea and agile production approach – placed in the most relevant media. For truly integrated campaigns I exploit multiple channels in equal measure to ensure the effective reach and maximised value for our clients.

What I do

I am in the business of generating business.

Marketing Campaign Development & Execution

We’ve heard it before: great product, no awareness, no leads. Well, that’s about to change.

Whether the challenge is brand awareness, lead generation, or any other barrier to growth, Ann has the marketing prowess necessary to get you past your marketing obstacles. With capabilities ranging from comprehensive creative and design, to expert inbound marketing, SEO, SEM, email, and social media marketing, I can conceptualize, plan, develop, and execute strategic marketing campaigns that deliver tangible results.
Visually compelling content that supports your message and engages your audience.

From logos to infographics, to complete websites, Ann has teamed with the best creative capabilities necessary to get your message on track. Engage your target audience with creative that actually works.

Achieving Customer Journey Mapping Success 

The practice of customer journey mapping has become more widely acknowledged as a critical  to help organisations differentiate and stand out from the competition when used successfully.

Ann believes inbound marketing is the best way to scale a marketing and sales effort. A successful inbound marketing programme drives website visits from prospects that meet your targeted buyer personas, educates them on your organisation and product, and converts them into qualified leads and ultimately customers – while ensuring a desirable (and trackable) ROI for your marketing spend.

With an emphasis on content creation, personalization, life-cycle marketing, and multi-channel distribution, Ann enables you to create exceptional marketing leverage that drives business growth.

Digital Strategy & Transformation
Whilst technology-enabled change is not new, the nature, pace and different technologies available make Digital Strategy & Transformation a very different prospect

Digital can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s about finding innovative approaches to engage with their customers and consumers. For others, it’s about creating a fundamentally new mind-set, culture and way of approaching challenges and opportunities.

We believe digital is about harnessing technology to drive value in this much faster, tech-savvy and data-rich world.

We can help with strategy and transformation in this digital world – from initial visioning through to development of experiments, proof of concepts and pilots and onto scaling up and industrialisation of digital operations. I’ll bring a strong heritage of core transformation change skills with newer digital experience to get the right blend for your organisation on your digital journey.

Marketing Automation

Attract. Convert. Close. Evangelize. Repeat.

Keep the flywheel moving. Automate processes, nurture leads, and engage with your contacts.

Marketing is hard. We know that, and that’s why we build marketing automation programs that help nurture leads and spark engagement opportunities with potential customers. Marketing automation is what keeps the flywheel moving; and what helps convert new leads into qualified leads, and ultimately into sales. Leverage automation programs for both internal and external messaging, and help keep your prospects connected with your organization.

You work hard to generate leads. Now it’s time to get automation working for you.

Awareness and Lead Generation

Spread your message and grow your database organically.

Both start-ups and mid-market firms that struggle to grow usually do so because they lack sustainable lead generation programmes. Transactional marketing campaigns can create spikes in lead volume, but in order to truly experience growth, organisations must create a consistent lead generation machine.

Ann excels at building lead generation programmes that not only increase lead volume and pipeline growth but do so in a cost-efficient manner.


Increased our Profit Significantly in a Short Period

We have increased our profit significantly in a short period. We have created a better working environment for our team. I have been introduced to a number of very helpful training packages covering systems, management, structures, sales, team building now have the confidence to progress in all these areas.
Working with Ann, I was transformed from only just getting by to lifting my sights combined with good marketing a whole new world had opened up! As a consequence, I thoroughly recommend Ann as a business consultant if you want to support, practical marketing and management advice that will grow your business and increase your bottom-line. Cheers Ann!

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About Me

I’m founder/MD Ann Rodgers-Hampton, with over 21 years commercial experience I have worked with hundreds of companies and helped each one achieve unprecedented growth often up to 300%.