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Profit Leader Retreats For Business Owners




28th May – 1 June

Ibiza, Islas

Baleares, Spain 

A Powerful Business Accelerator.

5-Day Retreat in the Sun for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

In our 24/7 economy, we believe we have no time to lose. Business owners cannot afford to take time to ‘slow down’, ‘think slow’ or ‘go with the flow’ to make room for creativity, new ideas or to grow their business. The Profit Leader Retreat is a unique opportunity to find inspiration, motivation, new ideas, new solutions, learn new skills, real personal development and create plans for growth.

Leave behind the pressures of everyday business and gain a different perspective on this six-day intensive Profit Leader Retreat.
Getting away from the daily grind gives you the permission to fully immerse yourself in your business. We will be doing the work, but you will also be giving mind, body and soul some much-needed rest and relaxation because it is the spaces in between the work that allows inspiration and creativity to flow.

Sounds Like What You Need?

If this sounds like you, then these six days are the start of the business-changing journey that will take you from where you are today, to wherever you want to be.

This event, capped to 16 delegates, is for forward-looking Business Owners of or those seriously considering starting up a business. During the event, you will explore in some detail the action steps required to build value into your business – such that it could, ultimately, provide you with the strategic option for a business-changing, business-realisation-event and business growth.

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What you can expect

Whether you are in one of our daily mastermind sessions, eating lunch or relaxing in the pool, you will have plenty of opportunities to bounce ideas off me or get my help in shifting the things that are standing between you and your ultimate life.


Fun filled relaxed space for intensive focus, learning, mindset workshops, 1:1 expert led strategy sessions with live marketing implementation to get it all done, at one time, in one place, saving you time, money and stress.


You will have dozens of opportunities to interact one-on-one with me so we can truly help you with your personal goals and address your unique needs.


You’ll join a small group of other high achievers for powerful daily mastermind sessions in which to get advice, brainstorm ideas, and solve problems.


You will have the opportunity to network and build relationships over meals. Each day we will dine for lunch and dinner and get to know each other and most connect.


You will enjoy plenty of relaxation time. Growth, expansion and insights don not occur only during official work sessions! You will have ample of time to hang out at the pool, reflect or meditate while gazing out over the gorgeous countryside, or just kick back in a lounge chair to do some planning or journaling.
And oh yes, did I mention we will be in together? Every morning during the retreat, you will wake up in your beautifully appointed luxury villa in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

The Profit Leader Retreat Experience

Expertise Consultancy 

  • Business Vision/Purpose review – Understanding your ‘why’. Why you do what you do, what the purpose and meaning is your business or project, and how it fits into your life
  • Objectives and goals review – A deep dive into the objectives and ambitions of your business or project
  • Review of where you are at now – Looking at your current business, project, or work, or what you’ve done to date
  • Brainstorming ideas – Developing strategies to meet your ambitions and make your ideas come to life
  • Knowing your needs – Getting a full understanding of your core values are, what personal, professional and financial needs you have, and how it all fits together
  • Understanding your audience – Getting under the skin of your ideal audience and their needs, as well as where to find them and how to connect with them
  • Charging for your work – Reviewing your overall finances and developing a plan of what to charge for your work
  • Creating & setting goals – Planning out clear goals and milestones for next 12 months for your creative business, or project.
  • A takeaway action plan – You will come away with an action plan to take your creative business or project to the next phase.

    What makes this extra special?

    • 5 days 6 nights in a5-star luxury, private villa
    • Full board, healthy gourmet food vegan meals prepared by private chefs
    • Powerful morning mind-body focus sessions
    • Fast-tracked learning sessions, strategic advising circles and profit workshops
    • Siesta, reflection and rest time
    • Co-working sessions to implement learning
    • Holistic Aroma Therapy Massage
    • Evening island adventures and play time
    • Together we create your profit strategy and learn the skills to execute it successfully!
    In Pure Luxury
    • Private villa
    • Luxuriously appointed bedrooms
    • Air conditioning
    • Large swimming pool
    • Outdoor yoga deck
    • Multiple Chill-out areas
    • Private chefs
    • Superior luxury 100% organic cotton & certified
    • Fairtrade bedlinen

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When is it?

The next event is scheduled for:

28th May – 1 June

Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain 

Where is it?

The Retreats are held at the luxury Private Retreat in  Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain . There are excellent transport options from the airport

Reserve your place now …

The full price of the Profit Leader Retreat includes expert workshops, one to one consultancy, full accommodation, dining (breakfast, lunch and dinner),  yoga. It does not include travel.

Let’s Make It Happen

Is now the time to invest in your business to make the rest of the year simple, happy and moving seamlessly in the direction you want to go, with nothing holding you back anymore, nothing standing in your way, nothing between where you are now and where you want to be?

A Powerful Business Accelerator.

6-Day Retreat in the Sun for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

The first step is to contact me and arrange your complimentary consultation  on ann@annrodgershampton.com

Do it now, and you’ll already be on the path towards stepping into something new and achieving business growth.

Instrumental in Helping Me Deliver on the Strategic Goals for St Georges Market

“Working with Ann has been a fantastic experience. Ann is a ‘do-er’ and speaks with realism, she takes complex subjects and makes it seem easy! I highly recommend working with Ann, she is an asset to your business. She works with you step by step to ensure full implementation and is an invaluable trusted sounding board to help you make the tough times and make decisions to keep going. She has been instrumental in helping me deliver on the strategic goals for St Georges Market and the Markets unit as a whole within Belfast City Council and has been an absolute pleasure to work with”


Belfast City Council

About Me

I’m founder/MD Ann Rodgers-Hampton, with over 21 years commercial experience I have worked with hundreds of companies and helped each one achieve unprecedented growth often up to 300%.