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Business & Strategy Transformation


In today’s increasingly virtualized and globalised workplace, organisations need new ways to innovate, allocate resources and reinvent processes leveraging the latest trends. That’s where smart strategies pay off, particularly in times of economic uncertainty.

Working closely with clients, our consultants help your company define new innovative target operating models to drive the business transformations needed to achieve success.

I use a wide range of strategic tools and methods to help organisations take advantage of untapped opportunities in the market, including research, ideation, market strategy, forecasting, technology planning, and business modelling to deliver businesses transformation.

Making it Real

Innovative ideas are only valuable if they become real. To ensure maximum impact, I set a roadmap that is technically scalable and cost-effective, with practical strategies that can be realised and deliver value on.

By providing hands-on support to my clients, whether that’s being on the ground, help through a critical phase of work or simply some short, sharp projects.

All services are tailored to meet the needs of each client and work together every step of the way to bring excellent products, services and experiences to market.

Strategic Capabilities 

I always take into account the industry, the competitor, the market, and the organisation’s capabilities—all the good stuff that classic strategy teaches us how to do—but that is all in service of the big idea, the breakthrough experience, and we use it after we’ve discovered the space and the opportunity where we are going to play. Big breakthroughs experiences, value creation, and growth come when you take this creative approach when combined with more traditional, analytical approach in

  • Business plans
  • Business strategy
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Defining objectives
  • Unique selling points
  • New Services/Product Planning
  • Business Funding Research and Plans
  • Return on Investment Modelling
  • Stakeholder Consultation and Charters
  • Target Market Planning,
  • Innovation & Business Modelling
  • Brand & Communication Strategy
  • Market Opportunity Planning, among others.

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Take your business to the next level in 2 steps

Step 1: Business Assessment

You know you can grow your business, just don’t know what’s holding you back.

What it is:

a deep-dive into your business to analyze your business model, website, and ideal client. you’ll walk away knowing exactly what is (and isn’t!) working in your business, and the actionable steps you can take to fix it.

Why you need it:

You can’t make more money if you don’t know what’s broken in your business!

What are your offers? who are your clients? how do you reach them? before building your business plan, we have to assess what’s happening now.

Yes! I’m ready to get started!

Step 2: The Plan

Who it’s for:

You know where you want to go, you just needa plan for what to do every day to get there!

What it is:

We’ll build a business plan to define exactly who it is you’re targeting and refine your offers to build a profitable business model. You get a 12-month sales calendar and revenue plan so you always know what to do next.

Why you need it:

Your business has huge potential, but it’s easy to get stressed out or stuck spinning your wheels. say goodbye to never knowing where to start and get a detailed game plan to live out your business  goals this year.

One Day Strategy Intensive

Kick Start An Idea, New Business or Take Your Business to the Next Level.

A super-charged full day strategy intensive intensive designed to either kick-start a business, or take your business or project to the next level.
It’s called an intensive because we cover a LOT of ground personally, creatively, and professionally.

This one-day intensive is for you if:
You have been running your business for a year or two and would like to know what the next 3 years looks like.

  • You have a business idea that you would like to get off the ground.
  • You’ve been trying to get a business up and running, but you’re getting pulled in every direction.
You are ready to leave the 9-5 into your creative business or project, and you would like some help to take the leap.

What the one-day intensive covers:

  • Business Vision/Purpose review – Understanding your why. Why you do what you do, what the purpose and meaning is your business or project, and how it fits into your life.
  • Objectives and goals review – A deep dive into the objectives and ambitions of your business or project.
    Review of where you’re at now – Looking at your current business, project, or work, or what you’ve done to date.
  • Brainstorming ideas – Developing strategies to meet your ambitions and make your ideas come to life.
  • Knowing your needs – Getting a full understanding of your core values are, what personal, professional and financial needs you have, and how it all fits together.
  • Understanding your audience – Getting under the skin of your ideal audience and their needs, as well as where to find them and how to connect with them.
  • Charging for your work – Reviewing your overall finances and developing a plan of what to charge for your work.
    Creating & setting goals – Planning out clear goals and milestones for next 12 months for your creative business, or project.
  • A takeaway action plan – You will come away with an action plan to take your creative business or project to the next phase.

Costs for the One Day Creative Business Strategy Intensive:

  • Full day intensive in our Office, on-site or via Skype
  • Relevant resources & templates from my toolkit
  • Tailored strategy and action plan
  • 1 x 30 minute follow up session via Skype

Investment Details Contact Ann@annrodgershampton.com

To find out more about booking an intensive, and to ask any questions about the day:

Book a complimentary 30 minute discovery today:
Email me

Pricing & Revenue Optimisation

Double digit sales growth is rare in mature markets, and therefore cost cutting has been a strong focus for many corporates to deliver increased profitability.

However, pricing is also a highly effective lever to generate profit growth; an opportunity that many businesses have failed to fully exploit.  This failure is a missed opportunity.

The use of technology – and through technology access to information – is giving customers ever greater clarity on specific price points, and empowers them to make informed comparisons and choices based on price.

However, it is also giving corporates the ability to take a more agile and data-driven approach to pricing management. The ‘big data’ phenomenon has led many companies to invest in their pricing capability. Those that have outperform the market in terms of profit growth.

I developed six key capability areas to help our clients understand and address this pricing opportunity:

  1. Pricing Strategy: From a pricing perspective, how do we aspire to be perceived in the market?
  2. Price Setting: How do we differentiate our pricing in different segments and set appropriate target prices?
  3. Price Execution: How do we push price guidance to sales teams and ensure its value is realised?
  4. Price Realisation: How do we achieving target pricing and maximising the power of discounting?
  5. Price Reporting: How do we report on our price performance and visualise the data?
  6. Pricing Organisation: How do we ensure organisational accountability and focus across the pricing process?

Increased our Profit Significantly in a Short Period

We have increased our profit significantly in a short period. We have created a better working environment for our team. I have been introduced to a number of very helpful training packages covering systems, management, structures, sales, team building now have the confidence to progress in all these areas.
Working with Ann, I was transformed from only just getting by to lifting my sights combined with good marketing a whole new world had opened up! As a consequence, I thoroughly recommend Ann as a business consultant if you want to support, practical marketing and management advice that will grow your business and increase your bottom-line. Cheers Ann!

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I’m founder/MD Ann Rodgers-Hampton, with over 21 years commercial experience I have worked with hundreds of companies and helped each one achieve unprecedented growth often up to 300%.