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Strategic Business Sales


Strategic Sales for Accelerated Growth

Your business should always be seeking to capitalise on every competitive edge to grow revenue and market share. Improving the performance and efficiency of sales teams is the most significant opportunity to capture these.

Selling is an essential skill for all businesses and getting your sales and marketing strategy right is crucial to your success. I’m not about talk. I’m about practical, hands-on, results-focused, sales performance improvement whether you are selling online, B2B or B2C.

I will work with you to develop sales strategies and implement analytics, processes, and sales enablement that drive sales revenue, productivity, and overall performance.

Jump-start your sales strategy to create momentum and achieve sustainable growth

Every consultant has an opinion on how to best approach markets and delivers values; however, very few (or none) ever jump in and are hands-on from strategy, automation and evaluation. That’s where the I come into play or rather jumps into action! I collectively identify your target market, evaluate the channels and tools to reach them, then creatively orchestrate and execute a customized sales strategy to drive new business.

My results are is second to none, and my ability to make meaningful introductions and ignite campaigns in your marketplace will be evident in your sales numbers.

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Sales Strategy & Development

Sales Strategy | Determining the best sales structure and strategy to meet new demands and changing markets can be challenging. By analyzing your goals and creating or refining your customer segmentation model, I can help identify the structure and strategy to best meet your needs.

Sales Process | Development of a well-defined sales process is critical to accelerate sales growth. I can help you define the process of why, when, and how your sales team engages with buyers to minimize the sales cycle and maximize ability to achieve your revenue goals.

Sales Enablement | Using the right resources and tools can quickly enable your sales team to increase effectiveness and improve sales team performance. I can help you define your strategy, establish best practices, and identify content resources that will help deliver significant improvements in sales productivity.

Sales Analytics | Identifying and understanding key measurements that align with your company’s business goals is critical to ensure you have the right levers to drive results. I can help you determine key success measurements and utilize your sales data to provide real insights that will optimise your strategy and your bottom line.

Strategic Selling and New Business Generation

Business Development “In-House” Consultant Finding exceptional sales talent is hard… So it’s a good thing you’ve already found us.

Statistically, only one out of five sales hires will be successful unless you have a great deal of experience hiring, mentoring, and training salespeople. At an early stage, it is unwise for a company, without significant experience and capacity in this area, to spend their time hiring entry level or mid-tier business development managers.

I have experience in a number of different markets. Rather than invest the time, money, and energy into growing your own sales team, choose my business development services to get you and your product in front of your customers.

Sales Automation Already got leads? Great, now it’s time to convert them to customers.

Lead generation is only beginning. A successful marketing and sales synergy exist only when marketing nurtures leads through the funnel and passes them off to sales when they are educated and ready to close. I have built many successful marketing and sales automation programs, that result in cost-efficient and scalable plans. A functioning marketing and sales automation programme is truly a thing of beauty and power.

Sales Management, Training & Mentoring So you already have a sales team. Great. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours to truly master a task. Although we agree with Mr Gladwell, I don’t expect you to wait that long for your sales team to start producing real results.

I will provide sales strategies and tactics, and are capable of catapulting existing sales teams to the next level of selling. I offer sales team offers training, mentoring, and coaching at a variety of levels – from the C-Suite down to entry level sales representatives. Don’t wait 10,000 hours for your team to become sales masters. Start building momentum right now!

Spread awareness and grow your pipeline…At the same time.
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“Achieve Profitable Turnover”

“When we came to Ann Rodgers it was because we knew our business was capable of being more organized in the hope that we could achieve a more profitable turnover and iron out some time issues to getting things done. On a personal level, we both felt we had a lack of confidence in selling our business and our hesitance of moving forward was holding us back. Ann helped us develop that confidence by showing us that honest selling isn’t about arrogance or bravado, and showed us how to create a positive approach that enables us to aid our prospects and visualize the benefits of working with her expertise. We have only been working with Ann now for a short period of time but are already seeing positive prospects ahead and are looking forward to reaching many of the goals we have in store for our future with Ann’s influence and assistance.”

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About Me

I’m founder/MD Ann Rodgers-Hampton, with over 21 years commercial experience I have worked with hundreds of companies and helped each one achieve unprecedented growth often up to 300%.