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 Tourism Business: Water’s Edge 5 Star B&B

“We planned out what we need to do to achieve the figure, got everyone in the business focussed on it, and went for it. Ann’s consistent and clear focus made all the difference, and we achieved the numbers we wanted.”

Our Challenge
When we met Ann our business was going well. Our original business plan needed updating and we were at a point where we were considering further investment into the business. We needed a specific business plan with clear calculations of profit and loss to help us determine when and how much to invest.

Ann’s Solution
Ann helped us to work on our goals and challenged us to look to the heart of our business and our own work-life balance. Ann challenged us to look at our market competitors and to re-evaluate our pricing. Ann suggested we increase our pricing by 20% so we did. We are seeing an increase in revenue. Our new marketing messages are having an effect on increasing our direct bookings via our website.

We also looked at our marketing messages and to consider our image in moving forward into the next phase of our business. We learned new marketing and accounting skills which have been invaluable to us.

The Results:
Key benefits of working with Ann have included:

  • Increase in prices
  • Clear focus and profitability targets
  • New business and marketing skills
  • Growth in customer base
  • Increased business from all customers
  • Better work/life balance

We were able to concentrate more clearly on why we do what we do and how best to sell our product and attract new business from our target market. We are confident this will not only have a positive impact on our returns but that it will enable us to see how the business can afford to employ key staff at critical points so as to give us the work-life balance we wanted to achieve when we set out.

Running a tourism business means our work and personal lives are very intertwined. Having the focus that Ann has given us helps us focus and has a positive impact on us both.

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Instrumental in Helping Me Deliver on the Strategic Goals for St Georges Market

“Working with Ann has been a fantastic experience. Ann is a ‘do-er’ and speaks with realism, she takes complex subjects and makes it seem easy! I highly recommend working with Ann, she is an asset to your business. She works with you step by step to ensure full implementation and is an invaluable trusted sounding board to help you make the tough times and make decisions to keep going. She has been instrumental in helping me deliver on the strategic goals for St Georges Market and the Markets unit as a whole within Belfast City Council and has been an absolute pleasure to work with”


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