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How We Achieved 2 Years Business Growth in 6 Months for our Brand & Design Agency

Ann takes the ‘scary’ out of understanding profit and achieving business growth. You must hire Ann if you dream of expanding. For us, Ann created a suite of bespoke business indicators and provided a much needed wake-up call to look at the most important element of our business in order to accelerate growth, productivity and profits.

Bag of Bees and Ann Rodgers

Company: Bag of Bees
Industry: Branding & Design Agency
Services Required: Profit Strategy, Sales Development, Business Planning & Financial Planning

Rapid growth
Ann helped Bag of Bees achieve 2 years growth in 6 months leading to an expanded team and real, achievable business goals. As well as pushing us as partners to achieve these massive results Ann guided us in creating and implementing strong business systems around services, profit sales, finance management, recruitment and team performance. Ann has also set out the company’s medium and long-term growth strategy.

The Challenge
Bag of Bees is a leading Branding and Design Agency based in Belfast. We were introduced to Ann through a mutual friend who suggested she would be able to help us achieve business results. We are a long established firm with a large, happy and diverse customer base. However, our growth was limited with ‘feast or famine’ sales pipeline and we lacked clear strategic direction for our own business.

The Solution
During our first 6 months of coaching our focus was on goal setting, action plans, skill development, sales targets, effective planning, accountability and measurement systems. Ann helped us to work “ON” our business rather than “IN” our business so that we could increase our profits and generate sales while achieving growth which outpaced our expectations by focusing on;

• Creating a detailed 1,2,3 and 5 year growth and profitable action plan.
• Evolving our pricing and profitability strategies.
• Transforming our sales and payment processes.
• Creating winning sales proposals.
• Identifying new business opportunities and securing new clients.
• Effective Sales Forecasting System.
• Adopting new sales closing skills.
• Undercover customer management roadblocks to revenues.

The Outcome
The results we achieved were massive and the numbers speak for themselves:

• Business turnover expected to increase by 50% this calendar year.
• 30%-50% increase in per-job revenue.
•18 month recruitment target met in 6 months.
• Expansion of office premises.
• Identification and delivery of new services and income streams.

Our business consultancy experience has been extraordinary. Each and every meeting, we were challenged and pushed to think about our business in new and creative ways. Each session, we took away new ideas and processes to implement and action. It’s not always easy but it does produce the results! And that’s the exciting part.

We can now look to the future with real confidence and are working with Ann as we believe we can achieve continued growth and take our business to a whole new level. If you think your business could do with a bit of help, I strongly recommend you pick up the phone and talk to Ann. We’re certainly glad that we did.

Ann Rodgers Hampton

What Results Could Your Business Achieve?

If you want help to grow your business, register for a 15 minute initial call. You’ll be asked a series of questions about your business so that we can diagnose precisely what needs to be done to make it grow, and whether or not we are a fit to work together. If you’re interested after this brief 15 minutes chat, and if your business is a fit, we can arrange another time to talk in-depth.

“Achieve Profitable Turnover”

“When we came to Ann Rodgers it was because we knew our business was capable of being more organized in the hope that we could achieve a more profitable turnover and iron out some time issues to getting things done. On a personal level, we both felt we had a lack of confidence in selling our business and our hesitance of moving forward was holding us back. Ann helped us develop that confidence by showing us that honest selling isn’t about arrogance or bravado, and showed us how to create a positive approach that enables us to aid our prospects and visualize the benefits of working with her expertise. We have only been working with Ann now for a short period of time but are already seeing positive prospects ahead and are looking forward to reaching many of the goals we have in store for our future with Ann’s influence and assistance.”

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I’m founder/MD Ann Rodgers-Hampton, with over 21 years commercial experience I have worked with hundreds of companies and helped each one achieve unprecedented growth often up to 300%.