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Business Expansion Success – 100% Increase in Revenue, Bookings & Team Growth of 400%

I didn’t just hit 100% of my goal to increase turnover, we blew it away. I have been guilty of avoiding the numbers side of my business, out of fear, for too long. Working with Ann, is a turning point for me. No looking back now! Business is all about numbers and Ann shows you how to focus on key areas so you can move into a more profitable business. That is an opportunity that you just don’t get elsewhere.”

Ann helped me transform & expand my business, increase my revenues, implement robust business structures, create and implement a new and exciting brand, hire an excellent team and most importantly educate me in prioritising profitability across my business”

Company: Posture Doctor


Industry: Health

Services Required: Strategic Planning, Branding & Design Management, Strategic Marketing, Project Management, Pricing & Profit Strategy, Marketing Campaigns, Digital Media Planning, Service Creation and Recruitment Planning

Having started the business from scratch, as the business grew, I found I needed to work longer and longer hours to keep on top of things. I knew I had to expand but did not know where to start. I had previously considered consultancy, but I really didn’t know how I could possibly fit it in. After meeting Ann, I was impressed with Ann’s ‘hands on’ approach and what she achieved for her clients.

The Challenge

It was clear I needed an innovative and results driven approach to expand, as I knew there was great potential within the industry. However, I just did not need where to start.

  • I was growing slowly but relying too heavily on referrals. I lacked a structured systems-driven approach
  • All my time ‘in’ the day-to-day operations which left little time for working ‘on’ company growth
  • No written business or marketing plan
  • No financial forecasting systems or marketing budget
  • Several marketing channels not utilised or not working effectively
  • Overall, a lack of marketing systems, structure and expertise meant that my business was not growing

The Solution

To understand my key challenges we worked together to put in place a series of radical improvements to financial and profitable systems, management structure, performance tracking, branding and marketing along with and team communication.

I also found the monthly one-to-one with Ann, a good opportunity to dive deep on issues and topics. That time is really powerful and I always take something away that challenges me to think differently and improve.

  1. Clarified my vision, thinking bigger, leadership and creation of profitability systems across the business.
  2. Created cash flow and profitability systems across the business by breaking down the business into essential components and see where the real profits are hidden.
  3. Created business intelligence measurement systems to track profit, cash flow and business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  4. Developed a total new rebrand of Back to Balance, positioning us as the Posture Doctor as a premium practice with an innovation edge including brand proposition and key messages.
  5. Design Campaign planning and strategy, ‘the creative big idea’, all aspects of campaign production, PR/content strategy, signage and campaign reporting.
  6. Selecting Marketing Experts, Ann created  deisgn briefs and project management of design agencies to ensure campaigns are completed to the high-level and deliver on the profitable goals.
  7. Positioning Posture Doctor as a market leader across B2B and B2C markets.
  8. Selected and project management of design agency and suppliers.
  9. Created new website that catered for both B2B and B2C audiences.
  10. Refocused marketing messages: USPs to differentiate from competitors and strong guarantees to build credibility.
  11. Created a 360 branding exercise throughout the practice and online
  12. Integration of automation platform of website, traditional and digital media.
  13. Created a Posture Doctor HR Pack with clear organisational strategy, contracts, job descriptions and individual KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  14. Set up a high-quality CRM to better manage leads & the entire sales
  15. process and receive payments.
  16. Provide education and tools to empower business skills from time management, delegation, management style, structuring meetings, systematisation and sales.
  17. Campaign execution includes platform creation, Facebook applications, landing pages, content creation, technical integration, search & social media advertising, display advertising, email/CRM campaigns, onsite automation and personalisation programmes.
  18. Write & implement marketing plans in practice and across online platforms.

The Results

It took a lot of work but together we managed to completely redefine the business plan. Ann’s expansion programme has been a success and continues to be with exciting plans for more expansion in the pipeline. I am now able to split my time between working ‘ON’ the business and still working with clients. The results were excellent – we increased turnover, opened new premises, and I’m able to consistently focus on repeatable campaigns with positive ROI with the accurate measurement systems.

The results we achieved were massive and the numbers speak for themselves:

  1. Business turnover expected to increase by 100% this calendar year.
  2. 100% increase of booking from website and digital media
  3. Increase my Team by 400%
  4. Launch of new premises and ambitious plans for a new practice in the pipeline
  5. Identification and delivery of new services and income streams.
  6. Development of plan for the next stage of ambitious expansion plan

The most important thing I have gained working with Ann, is that she ensures I continually grow the key areas that need improving in order to run a successful business. The process is continuous. It can be tough to take on these tasks when you get sucked into day-to-day business operations. However, it is vital to be able to work strategically ‘on’ the business and continue to delegate if you want to grow.

Ann speaks with realism, she takes a complex subject and makes it seem easy. I highly recommend Ann, she helped me to look at the every part of the business, our margins, our profits, leads, sales, cut expenses etc and this all made great positive changes to our structure and model resulting in high groth which is phenomenal for our sector.

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I own a successful and thriving design & signage business and always look for new and innovative ways to build and grow my business. While we had several pieces of the puzzle already in place, we now see numerous additional opportunities in our business that we are now aggressively pursuing and implementing. Ann has helped our company focus its efforts on the more profitable sections of the company while slowly weeding out the aspects that are more time absorbing and not as worthwhile. Not only do these efforts help strengthen our relationships with our top customers but lays out a long term game plan that we can focus on.
I’m happy to recommend Ann to anyone that wants to improve their business and grow profits.”

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