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Tenders, Funding & Investors

Ann has a wealth of experience of working with clients to secure business through the tender and funding process in the UK and European wide level.

An Expert in Winning Tenders, Funding & Investors 

The breadth of skills within my organisation ensures that we produce detailed documents which lead the market and make an impression not only through the commercial offering but through the quality of presentation.

I advise those considering an involvement in tendering and/or funding for business to find out about how I can help them succeed.

Tender preparation and submission of documents
The time frame is often challenging, my tender consultancy will provide additional “hands on” capacity to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled and that the tender is fully compliant. I can bring a strategic view, identifying the key factors required to win, and can strengthen your competitiveness. I will draft, re-draft, edit and quality control the content to increase its winning potential.

Skills transfer and capacity building
My tender consultancy can support you through the tender process but can also give you tools, templates and processes that you can use for future tender submissions. This is a value-added service that will ensure that you have in-house skills and will save time and resources on future tenders. Post-tender reviews can be conducted to establish reasons why tenders were not successful so that corrective action can be taken for next time.

Are You Looking to Grow Your Business by Winning  Tenders, Funding & Investors?
I welcome the opportunity to discuss your tender, funding and investor requirements whilst I explain how my approach may assist in maximising your commercial objectives. To find out more call Ann on 07725052349.

Ann is a force of nature – a straight talker, an incredible motivator

“Ann is a force of nature – a straight talker, an incredible motivator who has achieved great things in her own life and inspires you to do the same.  She gave me the commercial jump-start across key business foundations that I needed and I’m now well on the way to establishing Ava Creative Consulting, which will provide PR, Marketing, Sponsorship and Events services to the cultural and creative sectors.”

Sarah Hughes – Ava Consultin

Ava Consulting

About Me

I’m founder/MD Ann Rodgers-Hampton, with over 21 years commercial experience I have worked with hundreds of companies and helped each one achieve unprecedented growth often up to 300%.