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Be Brexit Prepared



We are Business Brex-Perts – Offering Business Brexit Solutions

What does Brexit mean for your business?

Are you confused about how Brexit might impact your business? Are you waiting for answers? At Ann Rodgers Hampton & Partners, we have the latest updates, practical guides and advisors ready to help you to continue to grow as the UK exits the European Union.

Is your Business is Brexit-ready?

Whatever form it takes, Brexit will impact your business and we strongly advise you to prepare now. While there is uncertainty around the final outcome of the process, there are a set of no risk actions that you can take now to ensure that your business is Brexit-ready, particularly if you are engaged in cross-border trade.

Our team of specialists are on hand to help you navigate Brexit

Relocation Brex-Perts
If your company is looking at its options post-Brexit, we can help. Ireland offers an amazing opportunity for your business, and we’re the tailor-made consulting service that will help you make the most of it.

Why Ireland for your Brexit business solutions?
Ireland is a country in the EU that provides benefits and incentives for business and individuals settling there. English being listed as one of their official languages is just one of the perks of moving a business or a residency here before Brexit. Ireland has a go-to approach for business, and it is open for any company sizes. Other than just being a Brexit solution for a business, it can provide benefits too. Ireland’s authorities are reachable, and it is not hard to get a hold of them for questions or ideas. Moreover, the country also offers attractive business taxes and an operation in the European Union.

We are happy to fill you in on all the details and perks of having a business in Ireland. We see potential, and we think of Ireland as the business solution for your clients.

Get in touch and help us to provide better services to your clients and cover their Brexit needs. We will assist with any business Brexit solution and other topics that might be interesting for you.

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We Cover Key Business Pillars

Brexit will affect every aspect of your business, and our services can be applied to one or all of them. That way you get the help you need, exactly where you need it.


Have you identified the risks and opportunities Brexit will present for your business? What steps are you taking to mitigate against a potential slowdown in the EU market? Without understanding the impact that the next few months and years could have on your business, it will be tough to plan for your continued success.


Improving efficiency is always an important goal, but with the uncertainty that Brexit has brought to the market it is even more vital. You’ll need to consider everything from how the changes will impact on the movement of goods within the EU and whether your supply chain might become vulnerable, to whether you might need additional administrative resources.


It’s important to assess your sales and marketing plans in light of the impact Brexit is likely to have. Competition may well increase post Brexit, and it could be that you’ll need to assign resources to carry out additional marketing activities once we’ve left the EU.


Have you considered the impact Brexit is likely to have on your customers and clients? Continuous innovation is the best way to ensure you’ve adapted your products and developed new ones to help you stay ahead of the competition. You’ll also need to think about compliance in light of potential new standards and regulations.

Proactive Brexit Planning

Planning is the new normal. The most successful business are no longer simply reacting to political, economic and social change, but proactively including it in their core strategy.

No matter how large or small your business is, Brexit will impact it. Even if it isn’t directly affected by changes in legislation, it is vital that you’ve thought about what happens if your suppliers are forced to put their prices up, for example, or your clients start tightening their belts.

We’re uncovering and discovering more each day about what the final Brexit deal will deliver. That’s why it’s so important to keep your eye on the ball and translate each new insight into a plan for business success.

A full picture approach

At Ann Rodgers Hampton & Partners, we bring together legal, leadership and operations knowledge and skills to help you understand:

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