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Ann Rodgers Hampton Appointed Brexit Service Provider with InterTrade Ireland

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Ann Rodgers Hampton Appointed Brexit Service Provider with InterTrade Ireland

Ann is delighted to announce that she has been appointed “Brexit Service Provider” with InterTrade Ireland.  InterTrade Ireland offers a suite of support for SMEs, including funding of up to £2000/€2000 towards professional advice in relation to Brexit matters, through their Start to Plan Service.

Ann will provide advice on the readiness of your current business model with Brexit, help you create baseline assumptions as the Brexit landscape becomes clearer, Help you Analyse our business and define our Brexit action plan. The present uncertainty is providing chaos for businesses and the support aims to help you navigate your way through and maximise all opportunities.

You can also find more information by contacting Ann on ann@annrodgershampton.com or call Ann directly on 07725052349

“Achieve Profitable Turnover”

“When we came to Ann Rodgers it was because we knew our business was capable of being more organized in the hope that we could achieve a more profitable turnover and iron out some time issues to getting things done. On a personal level, we both felt we had a lack of confidence in selling our business and our hesitance of moving forward was holding us back. Ann helped us develop that confidence by showing us that honest selling isn’t about arrogance or bravado, and showed us how to create a positive approach that enables us to aid our prospects and visualize the benefits of working with her expertise. We have only been working with Ann now for a short period of time but are already seeing positive prospects ahead and are looking forward to reaching many of the goals we have in store for our future with Ann’s influence and assistance.”

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I’m founder/MD Ann Rodgers-Hampton, with over 21 years commercial experience I have worked with hundreds of companies and helped each one achieve unprecedented growth often up to 300%.