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Brexit Proof Your Business – Free Support & Events

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Today’s rolling coverage of the day’s political developments on Brexit has been full of drama. From an imminent deal between London and Dublin to Scotland, Wales and London all unite in demanding same EU deal as Northern Ireland and no deal been reached.

with so much uncertainty around I can understand why “a staggering 98% of businesses do not have a Brexit plan” . However, one thing can be for sure is that it is going to cost your business money.

Many business owners were expecting some clarity today but unfortunately, this did not happen and may take months.

It is important for exporters and importers to start preparing

Businesses in a variety of sectors know that leaving the European Union will take a bite out of profits and could lead to job cuts.

Despite pre-referendum promises that Brexit would rid Britain of both excessive red tape and bureaucrats, it is important you Brexit Proof your business by starting now to control the controllable.

Where do you start?

As a selected Brexit service provider, I can offer your get your business “Brexit Ready Strategy” with support & funding worth up to £2000. This will help you assess your business readiness across six areas— Business Strategy, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Innovation, and People and Management. I will also help you scope the potential business opportunity in your opposite jurisdiction. I will be of benefit to your company at the strategic and action planning stages but will also be able to signpost you for specific financial and legal expert for the nitty-gritty of regulation.

Register Now and start preparing to minimise the cost and to maximise the opportunities from Brexit.

or attend Intertrade Ireland’s

Register Now for Brexit Dublin Event 5th December

For Practical Help to Navigate Brexit, I hope to see you there.


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