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Is Your Business Ready for Brexit?

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Is Your Business Ready for Brexit?

The British exit from the European Union is the most significant economic demerger between major economies since the Second World War and much about the forthcoming process of transitioning out of the EU has no precedent. But we know already that both the Northern Ireland and Ireland will be significantly changed by what is about to unfold. During this period all businesses need to undertake the difficult task of planning for the future and undertaking a strategic review to minimise their risk and maximise the opportunities Brexit presents for them. It truly has been a volatile and uncertain time post the Brexit referendum and I am sure you have been considering your position and your options for both short and longer term.

How will Brexit affect Your business?

Early planning and preparation is a critical factor in a company’s ability to respond to the business challenges that Brexit presents

As it’s been over a year since the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union. Yet NI and Irish organisations continue to face high levels of uncertainty and unpredictability. As a result, business leaders are finding it difficult to take key decisions today or plan for tomorrow. I understand the challenges are many and difficult. I also know that uncertainty can offer new opportunities for those who know how to seek them out.

What can I do to help?

As a selected Brexit service provider, I can offer your get your business “Brexit Ready Strategy” with support & funding worth up to £2000. This will help you assess your business readiness across six areas— Business Strategy, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Innovation, and People and Management. I will also help you scope the potential business opportunity in your opposite jurisdiction. I will be of benefit to your company at the strategic and action planning stages but will also be able to signpost you for specific financial and legal expert for the nitty-gritty of regulation.

Register Now and start preparing to minimise the cost and to maximise the opportunities from Brexit.

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