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Business Consultancy – Is your Business Profit–Friendly?

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Is your Business Profit–Friendly?

Profit Transformation  – Profit Transformation in nutshell is charging the optimal price for your products and services whilst fulfilling it at the least cost without compromising on the standard of service or product expected by your clients and customers. With our business consultancy, we will help you transform your profitability.

Sometimes a very delicate approach needs to taken where undertaking a profit transformation review of a business, as it is key to strike a balance between optimising price and cost of provision whilst at the same time not compromising on the services standards expected for the price you are charging.

If you go too far in your profit transformation drive then you risk alienating and losing customers, which will likely leave you in a worse position from a profit transformation perspective than when you started. Four key areas for you to consider;

  1. Am I charging the optimal amount for my product or service for my target market to ensure profit transformation?
  2. Is there scope to raise my prices without losing business?
  3.  Can I say with certainty that I know what the profitability profile of each of my products or service lines is?
  4.  How can I reduce the cost of producing my product or service whilst still maintaining or increasing its price to get the ultimate in profit transformation?

Now the big question to answer is – Is your Business Profit–Friendly?

It’s really easy to find out and to start your journey to at least 20% more profit over the next 12 months with amazing results. Simply pick up the phone to speak to me on 07725052349 or email Ann@annrodgershampton.com. Read how we help Posture Doctor increase revenues by 100% 

“Multitude of New Opportunities”

“Quite often, when running a business, a business owner becomes so embroiled in the day to day stuff that they can’t see the wood for the trees. Ann helped me to overcome these challenges, restructure my diary and aim directly at my long term goals; the results of which are evident by the multitude of new opportunities which have suddenly become apparent.”

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I’m founder/MD Ann Rodgers-Hampton, with over 21 years commercial experience I have worked with hundreds of companies and helped each one achieve unprecedented growth often up to 300%.