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Business Consultancy – End Q4 in Profit – Take Your Strategy To Action

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End Q4 in Profit – Take Your Strategy To Action

Are you hitting your numbers before the year’s end by the end of Q4? It can be a stressful time. Not only are you trying to end the quarter strong, you’re trying to end your year strong. Let me help you change your game to end the year with a bang by focusing on the following areas;

Determine What Your Priorities Are
Everything will always boil down to making sure your priorities are straight. Don’t waste your time going after the wrong opportunities. As Q4 nears the end, it’s important to look at your different opportunities and determine which have the best potential to close and focus on those leads. The further you get into Q4, the less time you will have to focus on several different opportunities so you need to narrow your focus.

Bring Back Your Old Leads
You’re coming to the end of Q4 and you probably don’t have time to focus on lead generation or the time to bring new leads to a close. That’s why you should focus on the leads you already have. Use this as an opportunity to refocus on some leads that may have been forgotten in your pipeline. Not every lead you revisit will result in a sale but using your limited time in Q4 to revisit some leads will greatly increase your chances of closing an opportunity.

Segment Your Different Opportunities
Segmenting your sales opportunities allow you to determine the likelihood that they will close as well as determine the type of focus each lead needs. Segmenting your opportunities allows you to maximize your resources and target leads efficiently.

Align Your Performance With Your Goals
The quarter and year are almost over, have you met your goals? How can you still achieve them? Goals are an obvious part of performing well but it can be easy to stray from your original plans. Take some time in Q4 to make sure your actions and performance align with your original goals. You can even create short-term goals for the remainder of the quarter that will aid you in achieving your overall goals. Do this by evaluating where you currently stand and what you can realistically achieve by the end of the quarter.

How are you ending the year? Let me know.

You want a strong end to 2017. Awesome! But if you want to see greater marketing results next year, you’ll need to use the remaining time in 2017 to set the stage for 1st January.

Imagine how it would feel you were armed with a structured plan and clear action steps to follow to help your business grow?

My Strategy to Action Day will help you as a business owner to 

  • Your current business and the issues you face
  • Your objectives for the business
  • Your Opportunities and Challenges
  • Your customers, what they want and how their needs will change in the future
  • A performance review of your sales, margins and other important financials
  • Your strategic options
  • Selecting and prioritising your preferred strategies
  • A financial forecast of how the actions are likely to impact on your business to make sure that your business objectives will be met
  • An action plan that identified what needs to be done, by whom and by when


If you want to gain the knowledge, skill, and experience you need to refocus for growth Q4 and kick start 2018, enjoy challenges and are curious about finding a better way, you’ve found the right place! Email Ann on ann@annrodgershampton.com or call to discuss on 07725052349.

Ann is a force of nature – a straight talker, an incredible motivator

“Ann is a force of nature – a straight talker, an incredible motivator who has achieved great things in her own life and inspires you to do the same.  She gave me the commercial jump-start across key business foundations that I needed and I’m now well on the way to establishing Ava Creative Consulting, which will provide PR, Marketing, Sponsorship and Events services to the cultural and creative sectors.”

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I’m founder/MD Ann Rodgers-Hampton, with over 21 years commercial experience I have worked with hundreds of companies and helped each one achieve unprecedented growth often up to 300%.