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Are you really ready to be a Profit Leader – Profit Leader Mastermind Club

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Are you really ready to be a Profit Leader?

You work hard (super hard!) trying to figure everything out, worrying if you’re doing it right and lost in a sea of decisions. But are you working smart? Why do it alone when you can truly connect and collaborate with others on this same entrepreneurial journey.

Maybe it’s time to dive into a group of supportive, inspiring and aspiring fellow business owners!

Yes, I’m ready to take the plunge!

  • Profit Leader Mastermind Club is Here!
    Small group facilitated mastermind focusing on your Profits
    Accountability – 10 months of accountability via group meetings, one to one consultancy. Everyone has the chance to share their progress and action items each month. Includes opportunities to be spotlighted for dedicated brainstorming.
  • Guidance – Profit Leadership Facebook shared with the group for further insights, ideas and suggestions.
  • Clarity –  Get clear on what your priorities are and what the best next step(s) are for YOUR business.
  • A Plan – 10 months together! We want you to make the most of your time so we help you come up with a profit plan for success.
    Progress – Working each week with clarity and purpose will create progress like you’ve never seen!
    Connections – You may be a business owner but that doesn’t mean you need to go at it solo! Learn, connect, build and grow with other supportive women all while making lasting friendships.

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  • As a business owner, it’s easy to find yourself working in isolation.
    Profit Leader Mastermind Club Connection – You will be in a group of up to 10 other successful business owners. Make real connections as you share, interact, support and help other business people in your group.

Profit Leader Mastermind Club

  • 10 months of support, guidance, connection
  • Next Group Starts 5th September 2017*
  • Next Group Starts 5th September 2017
  • Up to 10 Business Owners in a Group1-hour additional support from me
  • 1-hour additional support from me
  • Accountability check-ins
  • And a whole lot of love from other amazing business owners!
  • And a whole lot of love from other amazing business owners!
  • £300 per month commitment

Ready to sign up?

Are You Ready to Finally Make Progress In Your Business!

What Can You Get Done When You Have Accountability?
If you had 10 experienced people to work on a project with support, guidance, and accountability how far might your business soar?

We all have those projects and ideas that we want to see in the world but we keep putting them off. Maybe we just don’t know where/how to begin or we’re simply too scared to start.

This is your chance to have a group of experienced business people rallying behind you and helping you choose the next best step… together!
The reason I love running MASTERMINDS is that the participants get huge support, make amazing connections, create awesome collaborations but mostly because get results!

I just opened applications for Profit Leader Mastermind Club which starts in September 2017. It’s a 10-month group experience where you get to create profit transformation doing what you love, while also getting 1:1 business consultancy support from a highly experienced business consultant.

You can apply by clicking below.

Signal Signs – Game Changing Business Plan to Increase Profits
I own a successful and thriving design & signage business and always look for new and innovative ways to build and grow my business. While we had several pieces of the puzzle already in place, we now see numerous additional opportunities in our business that we are now aggressively pursuing and implementing. Ann has helped our company focus its efforts on the more profitable sections of the company while slowly weeding out the aspects that are more time absorbing and not as worthwhile. Not only do these efforts help strengthen our relationships with our top customers but lays out a long term game plan that we can focus on.
I’m happy to recommend Ann to anyone that wants to improve their business and grow profits.”

Signal Signs

About Me

I’m founder/MD Ann Rodgers-Hampton, with over 21 years commercial experience I have worked with hundreds of companies and helped each one achieve unprecedented growth often up to 300%.