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Thank you Storm Doris for a Productive Day without the Internet

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Could You be Highly Productive for a Day without the Internet?

Storm Doris has caused major disruption across with thousands of homes and businesses hit with power cuts. Today, she certainly raged against the coast with full force. I was enjoying watching the wind and rain lash against our windows – when bang everything went out.

Cue minor panic attack

Whether we like to admit it or not, we can sometimes feel a little … lost or panicked when we don’t have electricity never the mind Internet. We’re so accustomed to our hyperconnected world that being separated for a few hours can stress us out. Seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

Well actually, I had a seriously productive day. Yes, I had my phone with 20% charge it went on silent too as I choose to really appreciate those hours of quietness. The wind howling and the electricity coming of and on, I had a strange empowering sense of calmness to really ‘get on with it’.

Also, being nine hours the electricity off and on it meant that during much of my workday, there were no emails arriving or other interruptions. Amazing. I was able start and finish projects in a single day, and have no guilt around potentially urgent emails left unanswered.

But believe it or not, there are ways to stay productive without electricity and Internet. I am going to create time weekly for ‘internet free’ time as it really does allow for creative, undisrupted and productive space where projects get completed. Many large technology companies encourage internet/email free time to improve productivity.

Use the time for to Think Big

It’s a great time to thrash out some serious undisturbed creative space to work on your business. If you were not affected by Doris, I would recommend setting time in your calendar to turn everything off and get some clarity.

Not having electricity and Internet access removed distractions and the opportunity to multi-task, which left space to think and work on projects that required blocks of quiet time.

Imagine if a massive key to your productivity is because of how you use your Internet time. For instance; as I write this article I am sitting in my office with nothing from the online word to distract me. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, news and the like have ZERO influence on my approach to this article. What this does is place me in complete control of my mind. Even though we have control over where our attention goes. Often it is harder to do so when there are easy access, even entertaining, distractions that are readily available.

Internet Free is Now a luxury

This luxury will actually will help you GAIN mental space and available attention to priority tasks. With the Internet Free time it helps to feed my curious mind, I therefore am placed in a position in where I much concentrate on the task at hand. As a business consultant, no matter if I’m writing an article or a report for a client, I am completely focused without the self-sabotaging possibility of the Internet sucking me in.

With us being completely saturated by information from all sources. The LACK of the Internet actually creates a GAIN of mental space and available attention to priority tasks.

Maybe in this world of information it’s time to shut off that Internet and get on with the things that REALLY matter.

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